Pond Flowers Gallery
photos by Kelly Sharpe
Pond & Water Design Elements

About Stonehenge Landscaping's David Sharpe

Thanks for visiting my webspace. I am happy that you have found me! For me it's quite simple really. My life experience is reflected in my work. Prior to arriving to this country in 1979, I was born and raised in the countryside of England, surrounded by water and typical English Gardens. I traveled extensively and lived in different parts of the world.

Landscapes became the one constant in my life. I enjoy living in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, with the beauty of its natural landscape, as well creating landscapes that fit with the environment in which they are found, be it town or country.

It is my belief that any outside area is an extension of you and your property. Blending these two areas together and creating outdoor “rooms” to fit your lifestyle needs, gives you a home.

The garden is a place of beauty and serenity where a healing of the body and spirit takes place. To that end we at Stonehenge Landscaping take time with you in your space to listen to you and your ideas. Together we brainstorm & play (this is FUN-not work!).

Between us we collaborate to create a design concept that incorporates your thoughts and ideas. At this point, we use our expertise to create and transform an outdoor living space that flows, meets your needs, and fits the environment in which it is found.